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Rockstar Games announces the biggest DLC ever seen for GTA Online & Red Dead


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Updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online coming soon


With both games receiving more players than ever in the past few months, we know that the community is waiting for news about updates for GTA Online and Red Dead Online. We are pleased to announce that both games will receive incredible updates in the coming weeks.

In Red Dead Online, a major update will be available to players on Tuesday, July 28, including a new Frontier Occupation that will introduce players to the secrets of naturalism as part of an unprecedented Craft. There is also a new Outlaw Pass, new features and improvements requested by the community and more to play and discover in the months ahead.

A summer update on GTA Online is also coming, offering a fun mix of diverse new content within the universe of game experiences to enjoy.


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Later this year, players can expect other major updates for both games, including incredible news for an existing Craft in Red Dead Online and the biggest update ever seen in GTA Online, which will take our famous Scams to a whole new place. .


Community feedback

Thanks to your suggestions sent in the official feedback channels, we have added several highly requested features in the latest updates, including musical instruments in Red Dead Online, the ability to manage all schemes in the General Control Terminal in GTA Online and more. More suggestions will be added to the games in the coming weeks, so keep submitting your feedback via the GTA Online and Red Dead Online feedback pages.

We are also committed to ensuring that our games are fun for everyone, with the maximum possible security against modifications, cheats, hackers and anyone looking to harass other players. This year alone, we have taken action against hundreds of thousands of players who violated community rules in both games. Help keep our communities safe and fun by reporting any type of cheating, either directly in the game or through our online reporting tools for Red Dead Online and GTA Online.

We have a lot more content on the way - so, as always, keep an eye on the Newsletter for more information.


Source: Rockstar Games




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